GDP and Demographics in Europe

I’ve decided to publish a simple dashboard about EU economy. Here you can see the GDP of the different European countries.  The dashboard is dynamic- you can click the different parts of the graphs in order to filter the other ones. Press Ctrl if you want to do a multi-select.  You can enlarge the presentation by clicking the two-way arrow in the bottom right corner of the dashboard. The dashboard should be consumed on a screen, unfortunately, it behaves poorly on the mobile devices.

The data was sourced from Eurostat. The following datasets were used:

– nama_10_gdp

– tps00001

– tec00120

– tec00115

GDP is presented in current prices.

In order to facilitate the analysis I’ve decided to group the countries in the following hierarchy:

EU no EU New Old EU Region Country
EU new-EU Baltic Estonia
EU new-EU Baltic Latvia
EU new-EU Baltic Lithuania
EU new-EU Croatia Croatia
EU new-EU Cyprus Cyprus
EU new-EU Malta Malta
EU new-EU Romania+Bulgaria Bulgaria
EU new-EU Romania+Bulgaria Romania
EU new-EU V4+1 Czech Republic
EU new-EU V4+1 Hungary
EU new-EU V4+1 Poland
EU new-EU V4+1 Slovakia
EU new-EU V4+1 Slovenia
EU old-EU Benelux Belgium
EU old-EU Benelux Luxembourg
EU old-EU Benelux Netherlands
EU old-EU Nordic Denmark
EU old-EU Nordic Finland
EU old-EU Nordic Sweden
EU old-EU Southern Greece
EU old-EU Southern Italy
EU old-EU Southern Portugal
EU old-EU Southern Spain
EU old-EU Western Austria
EU old-EU Western France
EU old-EU Western Germany
EU old-EU Western Ireland
EU old-EU Western United Kingdom
non-EU non-EU non-EU-North Iceland
non-EU non-EU non-EU-North Liechtenstein
non-EU non-EU non-EU-North Norway
non-EU non-EU non-EU-North Switzerland
non-EU non-EU non-EU-South Albania
non-EU non-EU non-EU-South
Bosnia and Herzegovina
non-EU non-EU non-EU-South FYROM
non-EU non-EU non-EU-South Kosovo
non-EU non-EU non-EU-South Montenegro
non-EU non-EU non-EU-South Serbia
non-EU non-EU non-EU-South Turkey

The construction of this hierarchy was driven by some economical, historical reasons as well as by my gut feeling. I put Slovenia together with V4 because the countries joined the EU at the same time .

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